Lowchen - The best kept secret of the dog world. 

Lowchen, also called Little Lion Dogs, are a small, active and lively breed. Those of us who live with them call them "the best kept secret in dogs" because of their wonderful personalities, compact size and the fact that they are a rare breed. While our breed numbers have been dangerously low, people are learning about this amazing breed and wanting to share their lives with them. 

Lowchen are non-shedding which makes them a candidate for homes where allergies may be a concern. They are biddable and enjoy many dog sports including barn hunt, agility or dock diving, but are just as happy to hang out and watch TV. They tend to be great with other dogs and kids. 

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Supernet, CC, Cannoli, Moneypenny and Merriweather

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Our Story

After nearly twenty years showing, breeding and living with Dachshunds, we decided to venture into another breed. There were a few breeds we were looking at but the Lowchen fit the bill. We wanted a small moderate dog with a generally sweet and outgoing personalities with few health problems. After meeting some local Lowchen we made the decision to get one. We obtained Cannoli aka Champion Potrero and Tapestry's Sugar Plum Fairy TKN  from Alexia Rodriguez of Potrero Lowchen. Cannoli was our first one and she completely sold us on the breed.

Save the Lowchen

While it may seem dramatic, the Lowchen is truly in danger of extinction. There are very few Lowchens in the country, they have small litters and few people have them. 

As lovers of the breed we know how wonderful they are. Generally, Lowchen are friendly, happy, biddable and active. We love this breed and want others to enjoy them too. 

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About Lowchen

Lowchen is a small companion breed of dog. They are in the Non-Sporting group in the AKC and became AKC recognized in 1996. 

Lowchen is a German breed with the name meaning Little Lion Dog. They slept in bed with their people and were used as flea catchers and bed warmer. It is said that the clip not only represents the lion in them, but also was purposeful with the clipped rear end under the covers for warmth and the fluffy part of the dog outside of the covers to catch fleas. 

Lowchen do require regular grooming, but need not be kept in a lion clip unless they are going to be exhibited in the show ring. Otherwise, owners can choose any one of a number of cute pet clips. Lowchen are non-shedding.